For the owners and persons representing them.

If you are the copyright  owner or the person representing the owner and and do not want the link to data violating your rights to be present at the website, You need to fill in following form and send it to our email:

After checking the sent form and the signed confirmation of actions legality ( filled in by hand and sent in a scanned form, is required for each application), we will remove the files as soon as possible.

1. Information about the product:

1.1. The name of the product - Russian and English (in the case of the English version).

1.2. The official product page on the Internet (if available).

1.3. The number assigned to the product in the public registry.

1.4. For legal entities / Rightholder electronic media / computer programs / databases - A copy of state registration. For legal entities / Rightholder film and video - Rolling certificate (copy).

2. Information about the legal owner:

2.1. Full name of the legal entity.

2.2. Postal address ( if legal and postal adresses are different - the legal one is required


2.3. Site of the copyright owner on the Internet.

2.4. Business License  (if the activity requires license according to the law)

2.5. Contact owner (name, position, phone, e-mail).

3. Details of the person filing the complaint:

3.1. Name

3.2. Position.

3.3. Telephone.

3.4. E-mail.

3.5. A copy of a power of attorney to act representing the copyright owner (not required if the person filling the complaint is the Head of the owner's company). If the complaint is filled not by the legal owner, but by his authorized representative of a power of attorney - a legal entity must present a copy of a power of attorney to the actions of an individual on behalf of the company, a power of attorney authorized owner (not required if the person filing the complaint - Head of the company representative).

4. Claiming data:

4.1. Address page of the site, which contains links to information that violate the rights

4.2. Full description of the nature of rights violations (for some reason that this information is prohibited by the owner).

5. Subscription of the legality of acts (to be completed by hand and sent in a scanned form). A must for every complaint.

I "name", acting on behalf of "the legal name copyright owner" by proxy "proxy data" indicate that all data presented in this appeal are true, "Name of the person" (owners) - holds the exclusive property rights, including :

- The exclusive right to reproduce;

- The exclusive right of distribution;

- The exclusive right of public presentation;

- The exclusive right of communication to the public.

In the event of claims to the resource by third parties relating to the violation of their rights (including consumer rights) in relation to the remote / disable links right holder shall take all necessary measures to settle the claims and possible disputes, including litigation.

The right holder is obliged to settle the claim, the claim or claims by third parties and fully indemnify resource costs and damages (including lost profits, legal fees, etc.) related to compensation claims, claims, actions of third parties for violation of their rights, as well as other claims arising from illegal or erroneous blocking or removal of links at the request of the Legal owner.