User’s agreement

An actual user agreement  (Agreement Further) is legally obligatory and regulate relations between administration of  internet-project, called in further “Administration”, from the one side, and user of the internet-project, called in further “User”, from the other side.

  1. The project (previously and further) is dedicated for personal needs of private persons that are not connected with providing of any business activity. Using of the Site in business activity is not allowed.
  2. The user must get fully acquainted with the present agreement before the moment of every purchase of any videos on the Site. Buying of opportunity to download and look through the video (previously and further Buying) by the Site’s user means the full and unconditional acceptance of the present agreement by the User in accordance with the article 438 of the Civil Codex of Russian Federation.
  3. All author’s, complementary and other property intellectual rights for the Site in full and for its independent parts belong to administration, if something else isn’t noticed.  Unauthorized by the administration using of the Site or its elements is fully or partly objected.
  4. The opportunity of getting the multimedia content through the Site by realization of purchase doesn’t signify the purchase of rights on the content. The acquisition of rights on the downloading content is outside the framework of the Site as the searching system and is an obligation of User, without engaging and participation of Administration.
  5. In case of copyright abuse of legal copyright holder by User while using the Site, the case of which was shortage of User’s rights regarding the content, all expenses on settlement of the dispute between the Administration and the third side, even in judicial order, must be realized be the User at one’s election, without participation and involving of Administration.
  6. Before Buying the User must register on the Site, enter his e-mail, surname, name and patronymic name (if it exists).
  7. The present Agreement can be modified be Administration without any special announcement.
  8. While using the Site’s services the User is obligated to follow the instructions that are applied to the present Agreement. The administration is not responsible for the correctness of realization by the User of provisions of the present Agreement. Getting of supplementary services be the User can be achieved in condition of acceptance of the provisions of the present Agreement, and the Administration has the right not to give such services, or to give them in limited volume, or to restrict for the User getting of Supplementary (commercial), and also main Site services. In that case Administration obligations in providing to the User Supplementary (Commercial) services on the Site, that are predetermined by the present Agreement, can be thought as already made from the moment of legitimate getting for such User an opportunity to realize bought volume of Supplementary (Commercial) services and end in 72 hours after they were assigned regardless the paid  Supplementary (Commercial) services were realized or not.
  9. The User’s obligation for legal receiving of access to the Supplementary (Commercial) services on the Site and User’s allotment by the rights towards getting of such services within present Agreement is considered as already made from the moment of receiving be Administration of recompense from the User for such Supplementary (Commercial) services and is limited for 72 hours from the moment of payment for the service.
  10. The Site User is obliged not to use the Site’s services for:
    1. downloading, sending, passing and/or any other way of placing the content, that is illegal, insults the morality, violates author or adjoining rights, propagandize hate and or people’s discrimination by racial, ethnic, male, religious, social indications, contains insults in address of concrete persons or organizations;
    2. placing and propagandizing of pornographic and child erotic, and also advertisement of intimate services;
    3. Public placing and/or passing illegal information, including materials contributing burning of national discord, instigating to the violence on any person or group of persons, or on inhuman treatment with animals, appealing for illegal activities, also explaining the order of using of demolition explosives or some other weapons, etc.
    4. violation of rights of minors and/or damaging them in any forms;
    5. using of information about other person to make a form for registration and realization of actions from this person’s face and/or representative of organization and/or community without having enough rights, also for the Site workers, for forum moderators, for the owner of this Site, and also make under a delusion concerning qualities and characteristics of any subjects or objects;
    6. downloading, sending, passing or any other way of placing of the content, allowed to the User, that is foreboded for use in accordance of legislation of Russian Federation and concerning any contract relations;
    7. intentional violation of local legislation of Russian Federation or international law terms;
    8. downloading, sending, passing or any other way of placing of the content, that faces any patent, trade mark, commerce secret, copyright and other property rights and author and/or adjoining, third side rights;
    9. downloading, sending, passing or any other way of placing not allowed by special way advertising information, lists of other people’s e-mails, “pyramid” schemes, integrated marketing (MLM), system of Internet earning and e-mail business, “happiness letters”, and also for the participation in such measures (sending of unauthorized letters  with reference on given by the Site services, can be seen as participation in illegal by this point measures, even if sending was hold without direct using of post servers of the Site);
    10. downloading, sending, passing or any other way of placing of any materials, containing viruses or other computer codes, files or programmes, destinated to violation, destruction or functional limitation of any computer or telecommunication equipment or programmes, for realization of  non-allowed access, and also serial numbers to commercial programme products and programmes for their generation, logins, passwords and other things for achieving non-allowed access to paid resources in Internet, and also placing of references on the foregoing information;
    11. gathering and keeping of personal information of other people;
    12. violation of Site’s functionality
    13. application of any form and methods of illegal representation of other people in Internet network;
    14. placing of references on the Internet resources contents of with violate norms of present legislation of Russian Federation;
    15. own actions and also assistance to third persons actions , aimed at violation of limits and prohibitions, predetermined by the present Agreement.
  11.  The User agrees that Administration is not obliged to look through placing content of any type before placing, and also that Administration has a right (but not an obligation) at their discretion refuse in placing or delete any content, that can be achieved though one of Site services. The user agrees that he must by himself value risks, connected with using of video materials.
  12.  The user agrees not to reproduce, not to repeat and not to copy, not to sell and resell, and also not to use in any commercial aims fully or partly Site services and access to them, accept such cases when it is allowed by the Site’s Administration. When the purchase of content is made on the Site, the User gets a unique right to use the bought content. The user doesn’t have a right to give the content to the third person, and also he can’t  use the bought content of another user, otherwise only from written allowance of Administration. The Administration doesn’t have straight and/or indirect obligation on agreements between User and third persons.
  13. The User agrees with:   
    1. The using of the Site is at one’s fear and risk. The services are predetermined “as they are”, that’s why the Administration doesn’t guarantee, that Site will confirm with all User’s requests; the services are given continuously, quickly, safe and without mistakes; the results that can be got with the help of Site’s using, with be exact and safe; the quality of any product, service, information and other content, got with Site’s help, will correspond to the wishes of the User; all mistakes in programme ensuring would be corrected.
    2. The User agrees, that holds responsibility of his own for results of Site’s using, for any damage, that can made to the computer and/or User’s data, as a result of content downloading;
    3. The Administration is not obliged for any straight and indirect losses, that were caused: using, or non-possible using one or some services; non-allowed access to the User’s data; statement or behavior of any third person in services.
    4. The Site’s content isn’t methodic but demonstrative. It contains fully abstract information about given in it training techniques. The Site’s content can’t replace the trainer, instructor or teacher. Either creators, nor participators in making of the content, or Site’s administrators are not responsible for any consequences, direct or indirect connected with Site’s content. Site’s content using as a practical guide for independent practice isn’t allowed. Any consequences of its using in general is on responsibility of this person.
  14. General information:
    1. The agreement is legally obliged between User and Administration and limits the User’s using of Site’s services. By the concrete agreements additional obligations can be laid on the user, connected with service’s using, and also content and programme services, that belong to the third side.
    2. The sides agree that all possible argues on the Agreement will be solved according to norms of the present legislation of Russian Federation.
  15.  Recognition by the Court that some provision of the present Agreement is invalid and/or mustn’t be executed, doesn’t held in validness and/or it is non execution of other Agreement provisions.
  16. The long non making any measures by the Site’s Administration, in case User’s violations, or other Site’s users, third persons provisions of the present Agreement doesn’t deprive the Site’s administration to make appropriate measures, also to protect their interests later, in case making such violations in future.
  17. All used or recognized on Site trademarks or other ways of goods or services individualization are owned by their legal holders. All rights of intellectual property concerning the Site, including, but not limited, by any pictures, photos, animation, videos, records, music, text, accompanying the Site materials and any of its parts belong to the Administration, or proper own holders. Connect with Site’s Administration User can by the e-mail: